Swiping Tips

Here are a couple tips on the art of swiping. To get a good swipe, try to firmly and steadily swipe the card through the reader.

  • PayAnywhere Mobile

    Make sure that the magstripe of the credit card is facing the right direction. When you are looking at the side of the reader that says PayAnywhere.com, you should be looking at the magstripe as well. If you are using a case on your device, check to make sure the sleeve isn’t preventing the card reader from being plugged in all the way.

    When the card reader is plugged in, make sure volume is turned all the way up. iOS only: Allow access to the microphone in the privacy settings of your device.

  • PayAnywhere Storefront

    Make sure that the magstripe of the credit card is facing the right direction. The magstripe should be facing down and away from you when swiping.

PayAnywhere Mobile - Additional Card Readers

To order additional card readers you can simply call Customer Service or head to PayAnywhere Inside.

Here is how you can easily order another additional credit card reader through PayAnywhere Inside:

  • Head to the Profile section.
  • Select the quantity of readers you would like. Free readers are provided based on your monthly processing volume.
  • Click "Order."

PayAnywhere Mobile – Apple Pay™ reader

In order to accept contactless payments, such as Apple Pay or other NFC (near field communication) payment methods you will need to purchase our new credit card reader online at Apple.com or visit any Apple retail store nationwide.

If you purchased the reader, apply for a PayAnywhere account by visiting payanywhere.com/apple. Applying for a PayAnywhere account is quick and easy and you will be processing payments for your business in no time.

Download the Apple Pay Guide here. It will help you understand the new NFC credit card reader that you purchased from Apple. Thank you for your business, we are excited for you to become a PayAnywhere merchant!

PayAnywhere Storefront - What's in the box?

Your new PayAnywhere Storefront comes with the following items in the box:

  • 10" tablet
  • Stand with build-in credit card reader
  • Power cord
  • Mobile credit card reader
  • Mounting kit
  • User setup guide
Please refer to the guide included in the packaging to set up PayAnywhere Storefront. Should you encounter any problems during your set up of your new PayAnywhere Storefront please contact customer service.

PayAnywhere Storefront - Mounting to Countertop

To mount the tablet and stand to the countertop:

  • Remove power cord from tablet.
  • Remove base cover.
  • Swivel tablet to the left until stop point and the three mounting holes align with openings on bottom of stand.
  • Using drill bit and the printable template provided, drill three pilot holes, into the countertop.
  • Align the stand over the holes in the countertop. Using a Philips screwdriver, insert the screws provided through the holes in the stand and tighten.
  • Re-attach base cover.
  • Reconnect power cord to the tablet.
Click here to download the printable template.

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